March 27, 2017 2 min read

We all have our own struggles, ups and downs, doubts, but guess what? is not the end of the world, learn from the toughest times and never look back, use it only as a learning experience. Personally, I love waking up every day and feeling like I'm accomplishing my goals, I wake up and act with an attitude of killing my day every day! You ask me how do I get to that point? Easy! Find what drives you to be a better person, what motivates you, think about your future, where you want to be in 10-15 years from now, are you happy with your job? fitness? relationship? if not well you know what you have to do...Here at GMRT GEAR we want to create a community to help all of our clients and visitors, we truly want everyone that comes here to find motivation in different types of ways, we are creating stylish gear to complement your killer attitude, but we are also hoping you find these blogs productive, because at the end of the day we do this for you guys! One main reason to kill your day every day is not only you will feel great about yourself but you will also get more shit done! Write your goals on daily basics, commit to them, never make any excuses why you can't accomplish them, excuses are for the weak and we know you guys ain't about that life!!!!! I recommend you guys educate yourself with books related to personal grow and development, powerful podcast, and choose wisely who you hang out with because you are most likely to become the person you hang out with the most. I personally only deal with light-minded people, I don't put up with shit from anyone, no one knows all the hard shit I had to deal with to be where I am so I don't need any type of negativity in my life, and that's the attitude you all should be living by, if everyone would live with this attitude imagine how better of a world we would live in.We hope you guys nothing but the best, make sure you remember that you are you and no one can tell you how to live your life, make good choices, help others, and always do the right thing even if it leads to admitting you fucked up... never let yourself down to a point where you feel like you are worthless, because I've been there and I know what I'm worth, I don't need confirmation from anyone and you shouldn't either, remember at GMRT we aren't only here to get you fresh with the latest gear but also make you the best version of yourself, now GO FUCKING KILL YOUR DAY!!RV