Lonely at the top.

May 18, 2017 2 min read

I've always wonder about this topic, Andy Frisella brought it up on his podcast: THE MFCEO PROJECT, please go check it out, nothing but the best content you will need to improve every aspect of your personal/business life. Once you start making a difference, improving your life, evolving, changing, you will start to notice you will lose some people, people that you thought were your "friends", and you will start to wonder what did you do to lose all these people? it really is a WTF moment! it happened to me, it happened to all successful people out there, it happens to all of us. You got to get to the point where you are ok when you lose people, I know is a mother fucker, but you got to understand you will gain even better people, people that will bring so much more into your life that people from your past couldn't. I still remember the first person that I 'lost' it caught me off guard, then I lost another one, and another one, to be honest with you I already lost track, however, I can assure you that I've gained so many meaningful relationships, and I wouldn't trade that for anything!!!!!I know not all of you guys that are reading this are starting your business, building a brand, or trying to make a change in something your passionate about, but this subject relates to everyone, don't feel you are different or there's something wrong with you because people fall off your life, this shit will happen regardless you decide to get out of the box or not. Don't be afraid, don't think once you get to a bigger level you will be alone, the only thing you should be afraid is having people in your life that don't bring any positive value... think about that.... think about how different your life will be if instead of having people telling you: that's not gonna work, why would you do that, your crazy.... Imagine changing all that and having people telling you: that's so awesome! I believe in you! I know someone that can help you with that! Do you want to be a millionaire? you got to meet this person.... imagine all that.... that's why I'm not sad because I lost all those people, I'm sad because I didn't meet this new person before....👻Snapchat: rayneiInstagram: raynei_