Stylish with Comfort Gear.

June 02, 2017 2 min read

Here at GMRT GEAR, we get it, you put all that hard work at the gym, nutrition, supplementation and what all this lifestyle is all about... for a reason, you don't only want to look good with the apparel you wear at the gym, but also what you wear outside the gym.We have been working really hard at the GMRT GEAR headquarters to make sure we bring nothing but the best gear, we don't only want you to be able to wear it at the gym but also outside the gym. We are gym rats ourselves 😂 we are picky on what we wear and how it fits, that is the main reason it takes us quite a bit to bring a new item, we want to make sure it fits PERFECT! For our ladies we want the leggings to fit like it was costume made for them, show off that perfect figure you have been working so hard for because let's be honest nothing like feeling and looking good. For our guys, we want that perfect, tight fitting T-Shirt which will show off your hard earn gains, perfect crop cut, and don't forget that perfect fit in the chest area!Guys, we truly mean we want to create a product that you will be proud to wear, trust me I do not buy shit so I won't expect anyone to buy shit from me! Our goal is to create a lifestyle, represent the culture but most importantly create products that will resemble the healthy/good looking lifestyle.Thank you for the support and the feedback we always get from you guys, it has been an amazing experience and we can't wait to bring greater and well-built products for you guys. We are honored to serve you guys, without you none of this will be possible.Let's get it!!Raynei V.👻Snapchat: rayneiInstagram: raynei_