April 05, 2017 2 min read

How do I start this? The MFCEO Project is a self-growing personal development podcast, this podcast has changed my life completely. Andy Frisella is the host or what we all know him as " THE MOTHER FUCKER CEO". I cannot explain how this podcast has helped me so much, he talks about business, personal development and a lot of other things to make you the CEO of your life.Let us start by saying this guy is an inspiration it took him more than 15 years to make it where he is now! A multi-million company! 15 fucking years it took him! he never gave up, imagine all this time it took him to be where he is now, and it was all worth it. When you listen to this podcast you will get zero BS, you will not hear what you want to hear, even better you will hear what you NEED to hear.You don't need to be a CEO of a company or an entrepreneur this podcast is for anyone. Tuesday he does something call Practical Tuesday, Thursdays are Thursday Thunder, and sometimes we get Friday Fire. Keep in mind all these years of knowledge and experience you get them all for free, and you know what if he ever decides to charge for any of this information I will fucking pay it without a doubt! This guy is running multiple companies, and dealing with a lot of shit, for him to be doing this for free is something to admire.Please do yourself a favor and go listen to this podcast because it will change your life, and if you don't... well I know you guys will because if your reading this you are already ahead of the game.