Time and repetition

May 13, 2017 1 min read

Sorry, I've been slacking on my personal blogs on here. There is not excuse for me not to be posting blogs, I've been doing it for someone else and not for my own brand, how fucked up is that?!I try to always share motivational thoughts, ideas and tips, not only because I feel is my obligation to put good vibes out there, but I love helping others achieve success.I know how hard life can get, but in reality, we all need to understand that life will be hard no matter what, even if we decide to take the easy path or the hard path. I cannot stress enough the importance of doing the work to achieve the success that we all want, why be average? why settle for the minimum? we all have one life, I think that should be enough motivation to get up and do the work!Guys, we all have doubts, fear, afraid to be laughed at, but that shit is going to happen no matter what... don't be afraid to be who you know deep inside you want to be. I've lost so many people in my journey, friends, family, relationships... and it sucks, but I've learned that things happen for a reason, you will gain better people around you, just be patience and don't let negative thoughts get I your head.Now go kill your day!Raynei V.Snapchat👻: rayneiInstagram: raynei_